We can unlock a safe without a key in Tallinn

If a key to your safe vanished and access to its valuable contents is lost – don’t worry. Our specialists know how to unlock a safe without a key! Just call a locksmith – and within half an hour (or at the appointed time), he will arrive at any address in Tallinn. We work around the clock, without weekends and holidays. 

How to unlock a safe if a battery is low or a code is forgotten

  • Call us. A specialist in safe unlocking will arrive within half an hour or at the appointed time;
  • The locksmith will run diagnostics, detect the cause of the lock malfunction and find a way to fix it;
  • Then the locksmith will unlock the safe using professional equipment – therefore the safe lock, case and door will not be damaged;
  • You will get access to the safe’s contents. 

Thanks to their over 5 years of experience, special skills and professional equipment, our locksmiths know how to unlock a blocked safe, a vault, an ATM, a payment terminal and a deposit box. We work with individuals, organizations and banks. 

Five reasons to order safe unlocking in our company

  1. We work with electronic and combination locks of any complexity;
  2. We unlock safes without damage and neatly work with a locking mechanism;
  3. We quickly open even protected and high-strength safe locks;
  4. We are familiar with the design and mechanism of safe locks of various manufacturers;
  5. We do not use gas, welding and cutting tools. 

In which cases it is necessary to unlock a safe

  • An electronic safe has stopped recognizing the entered code;
  • A key is lost or damaged;
  • A code or key combination is forgotten;
  • A lock is jammed or broken altogether. 
Seifi avamine / Открытие сейфов

Why it is a bad idea to carry out safe unlocking yourself

Unlocking a safe requires a professional approach, special skills and the use of appropriate equipment. Without all this, it is impossible to crack a lock. When you try it, there is a risk of not only losing time, but also breaking the lock altogether and even damaging the safe case – as a result you will have to change the door.

That’s why it is better to entrust the unlocking of a safe to a specialist, who can quickly crack the lock and open access to the valuables stored.