Open a door lock urgently. Arrival within 30 minutes

Has the door lock jammed? Has the key gotten lost? Of course, the situation is unpleasant, but there is no need to worry. Call a locksmith! We work around the clock, without holidays and weekends; we arrive within 30 minutes in Tallinn and beyond. The experience of locksmiths starts from 5 years.

How we open door locks

  • A locksmith responds to a call within 30 minutes. Even at night. Even on weekends. We work around the clock, without holidays and breaks;
  • The locksmith neatly opens the door lock within 3 to 5 minutes. We use professional equipment, and thanks to our extensive experience and neat work, the procedure goes without damage and the use of force;
  • We try to preserve the lock’s operation;
  • You get access to a previously locked room – a house, an apartment, a room or an office;
  • If the lock cannot be saved, we will help you replace it immediately. 

Five reasons to order lock opening from us 

  1. We work with any locks, regardless of their type, brand or manufacturer;
  2. We arrive at the place within 30 minutes after the call;
  3. We work quickly and neatly, but without sacrificing quality;
  4. We work legally and officially;
  5. We can urgently open a lock of an entrance iron, interior, metal, wooden or plastic door – in houses, offices and garages. 

Is it a good idea to try to open a lock yourself? 

Attempts to open a damaged lock yourself can lead to a variety of negative consequences: 

  • The door leaf may be damaged – it may get scratches, dents and holes. Then it will become necessary to repair the door as well;
  • There is a risk of breaking the lock altogether, after which there will be no other option but to replace it;
  • You are wasting your time and experiencing serious stress;
  • In 90% of cases, attempts to open the lock yourself still end with a call to a specialist. 
Avaamme ulko / Open Door Lock

Why a door lock can be broken

A door lock is a complex mechanical device. Therefore, the reasons for its breakage, jamming and blocking can be very different. Most often, such malfunctions are caused by the ingress of foreign objects and pollution, if the door was slammed too hard, by internal mechanical damage and wear, if the door leaf skewed and sagged, by incorrect use and improper installation.

The blockage may happen not only with budget devices, but also with expensive ones. That’s why it is worthwhile to write down the phone number of a door locksmith: +1770.