Prompt installation of door locks in Tallinn

If you want to increase the reliability of an entrance door and to embed a lock that is more resistant to hacking, it is recommended to turn to professionals. Specialists will carry out this installation correctly, so that the stability and durability will increase. Our locksmiths with experience of over 5 years carry out lock installation professionally. We arrive within 30 minutes after the call anywhere in Tallinn; we work around the clock, without weekends and holidays.

How installation of door locks is carried out 

  • A locksmith arrives within 30 minutes after the call – or you can schedule a visit at any convenient time;
  • The locksmith, using professional equipment, installs a lock in an entrance or interior door within 5 to 15 minutes;
  • The locksmith can also help you choose a locking mechanism and, if necessary, to buy and bring the lock with all receipts himself. 

We install locks and locking mechanisms in entrance and interior doors made of metal, wood and plastic. We install locks in apartments, private houses, offices, garages, stores, doors of warehouse and industrial premises. 

Five reasons to contact a locksmith to install a lock in an entrance door

  1. We work with any locks, regardless of their type and manufacturer;
  2. We neatly install both mortise and rim locks, regardless of complexity;
  3. We carry out the installation of a lock in a metal, wooden and plastic door, as well as in a door with a decorative coating – and always without damaging the door leaf;
  4. We are familiar with the design of any locks and locking mechanisms, so we can easily install any device;
  5. We will help you choose a lock and, if necessary, we will buy and bring it ourselves. 

When it is necessary to install door locks in entrance doors

  • If an old lock is jammed or broken down for some reason;
  • If it is necessary to make the premises more secure and resistant to break-in;
  • If keys are lost or stolen;
  • After break-in or illegal entry. 

Installation of a lock in an iron door yourself

From a purely engineering point of view, it is possible to install a lock in an iron door yourself. However, it is not only difficult, but also fraught with unpleasant consequences. In 89% of cases, when a lock is being installed unskillfully, the door or a mechanism of the locking device gets damaged, and after some time a “jam” occurs. In the end, you have to call a locksmith to professionally carry out the installation of a lock in the iron door.

Does it make sense to spend twice as much time and money? It is better to call a specialist – and a new and reliable lock will be installed in the door within 15 to 40 minutes.