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How to choose a door lock

Every day people turn to us for help in solving problems with their door locks. Almost always people rise the question: which door lock to choose. How to choose a model at an affordable price and not to miscalculate?

We are ready to help you in this matter! After you turn to us, you will forget about problems with your front doors forever. This is because we cooperate with one of the best door lock stores in Tallinn https://lukuabi-pood.ee/. They have a huge assortment of locks and cases for them, intercoms and door closers. Before installing or replacing a lock, our specialist will take measurements from the door and determine the most suitable type of a locking mechanism. Then he will select the lock on his own at the partner store, bring it and install it in the door.

In addition, you can visit the store yourself and choose the appropriate locking mechanism. Sales consultants will help you choose a high-quality and durable lock matching your needs. When ordering through the online store, a 5% discount is applied. Delivery is free.

We also would like to draw your attention to the important rules when choosing a lock

  1. To replace a lock, you should select a similar mechanism. That is, of the same brand or model. This means that instead of the old one, you should install exactly the same lock.
  2. If there is no lock in the door, then before buying you should take measurements of its location accurate to a millimeter.
  3. Before buying a lock, we recommend that you first look at the door itself. A locking mechanism should be placed in a leaf of appropriate quality. It makes no sense to install an expensive mechanism in a cheap door with a thin leaf.
  4. Expensive does not always mean reliable. A lock should be chosen not only by price, but also by quality characteristics. For a competent choice, it is advisable to study and compare manufacturers.
  5. You should take into account the operating conditions of a mechanism: where and how often it will be used.