Turn-key installation of Intercom systems

Get free of charge services of an installation specialist buying an entry phone system.

We will deliver and install quickly an entry phone system of whatever complexity with a warranty. We will help to choose the system that fits your needs and budget.

  • Our specialist arrives the day you contact us.
  • Installation crew has 10 years of experience.
  • Installation process may take 30 minutes and more.
  • 2 years warranty is provided by the company.

Repairs of Intercom systems

We also provide repairs and maintenance services for your entry phone quickly. Your device will restart working in a perfect way the same day our specialist is called.

We resolve such problems as: incorrect settings, calls do not reach the premises, impossibility to open the entrance door, interferences or missing signal, the door does not close well, the door sticks in some position or moves in a springy way, damage of the entry phone by vandals.

We will deliver and install your Intercom system

We have audio door entry systems, video door entry systems and monitors for those already available or to be ordered, same as entry panels, and audio receivers. We offer you 1000 models by well-known brands with verified quality. We will deliver the necessary equipment to your address and our specialists will install it immediately.

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Домофон 1 “Turn-key” installation of Intercom systems