Car unlocking in Tallinn. Urgent, in 30 minutes

Have your car locks been jammed or keys remained in the cabin with the door shut? Whatever help in the car unlocking you need, our specialists are ready to provide it! A locksmith will arrive in 30 minutes anywhere in Tallinn; we work without weekends and holidays, around the clock. We have been carrying out emergency car unlocking for over 5 years; we act neatly, without damaging the car body.

How we carry out car unlocking

  1. We receive your call and immediately send a specialist to your address. The locksmith will arrive within half an hour;
  2. For opening car locks, we use state-of-the-art and professional tools. Therefore, we work neatly, without damaging or scratching the car body. The unlocking usually takes from 5 to 15 minutes;
  3. After the emergency unlocking is done, all the electrics remain intact and work as before;
  4. You get access to the cabin as soon as possible and without damage to the car. 

Five reasons to order car unlocking from us

  1. We work with locks of any brands, with alarms of all types and blocking devices regardless of their manufacturer;
  2. We arrive as quickly as possible;
  3. Our car unlocking specialists work neatly, without damaging the car body;
  4. We use the latest equipment; the experience of our specialists starts from 5 years;
  5. We work around the clock, without weekends, breaks and holidays. 

Is it possible to unlock a car door yourself? 

In principle, it is possible to unlock a car door yourself. But the consequences of such an intervention will be serious and costly. When you try to open the car lock yourself, the car body gets damaged: it acquires scratches and dents, and there is always a risk of breaking the glass. It is also a bad idea to try to enter the cabin through the trunk – this poses a serious health risk.

That’s why it is better to call a locksmith! A car unlocking specialist will arrive quickly and open the lock neatly and without damaging the car body.

Car lock

Why car doors are blocked

One of the most common causes why car doors get blocked is short circuit in the electrics. It can lead to much more serious problems, including fire. Therefore, it is recommended to immediately contact a specialist for help.

Besides, car keys are lost quite often. And you are never certain if they simply vanished or were stolen for subsequent hijacking. It is also not uncommon for a key to remain inside the car, while the doors get locked. In these cases, it is recommended to call a car unlocking specialist as soon as possible.

That’s why it is worthwhile to write down our phone number +000 0000 0000 or bookmark our site, so that if you need to unlock your car, you remain confident and calm. Our specialist will arrive within half an hour! And we are always ready to help.