Fast car battery charging, including a visit, in Tallinn

A battery is always discharged at the worst possible moment. You may have to go to work or for any reason – but your car is dead and stands riveted to the spot. What to do? Order a car battery charging service – and we will arrive at your place within half an hour! Anywhere in Tallinn, around the clock, without weekends, breaks and holidays. 

Urgent car battery charging

  • Just call us, tell us the address where we need to drive. Tell us if access to the car is free or if there are any difficulties. A master will arrive within half an hour! You can also order battery charging for a certain time;
  • Our specialist will competently connect frost-resistant copper cables;
  • Within 15 to 20 minutes of the battery charging, your car will start up – and you will be able to go wherever you planned to go!

Car battery charging up to 100% 

If you restore a battery, then we can help in its competent and proper charging up to 100%. Just call a master! Our specialist will arrive and pick up the battery; we will carry out service operations to restore its capacity to 100%, charge, bring it back to you and install it in the car.

Four reasons to order battery charging from us 

  1. We arrive at the client’s place within half an hour after the call;
  2. We use professional chargers and high-quality electrolyte;
  3. We strictly adhere to battery charging technology to avoid short circuit and car damage;
  4. We recharge batteries of any manufacturers and types. 
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Why it is a bad idea to try to charge a battery yourself

A battery is a complex electrochemical device that requires compliance with charging technology. Therefore, unskilled attempts to charge it can lead to various negative consequences. For example, battery performance may not live up to expectations, while its capacity may decrease significantly.

In addition, some batteries cannot be recharged in a car park or a garage. It is also not recommended to restore the reserve capacity in batteries discharged to zero or at subzero temperatures yourself. In all these cases, it is recommended to order professional charging!